Northern Monk x Deya Patrons Project 13.05 Mortal Planes


DEYA were keen to work with some newer varieties whilst they were as fresh as possible, so we decided to build the beer around Idaho 7, a late-maturing variety which is ripe with tropical fruit potential. We backed this up with Azacca, a hop which got us really excited last year with its ripe watermelon aroma, and rounded this juicy hop bill off with the first of our individually selected batch of Citra. This combined 28g/l dry hop sits over a base beer loaded with flaked oats and wheat, and is fermented with a new US strain perfect for producing super clean IPAs, that has a lightly fruity ester profile to complement, rather than overpower, the diverse array of aromas created by this stellar hop bill

Size: 440ml

ABV: 8.2%

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