Mikkeller Spontandryhop Centennial


Farmhouse-style Ale Aged in 18th Street Distillery Gin Barrels with Yellow Peach. Brewed in collaboration with Drew Fox from 18th Street Brewery, this mixed-fermentation farmhouse-style ale features malted spelt & HBC 522 hops for a beautiful rustic edge. After a quick primary fermentation, we filled freshly emptied Gin barrels sent to us directly from the 18th Street Distillery. After 6 months in barrel, the batch was blended onto second-use peaches and allowed a short maceration before filtration and bottle-conditioning. An amazing crispness unfolds into juicy stonefruit, complex botanicals, and bright acidity. It blows us away, enjoy!

Size: 330ml

ABV: 5.5%

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