International Rainbow Project 2019 (8x440ml)


ORANGE: North Brewing Co/ Fieldwork – Golden Milk 6.0% Sour With Fruit & Spices
YELLOW: Burnt Mill/ Cascade – Panacea 6.4% IPA
RED: Track/ Highland Park – Frontier Psychiatrist 7.0% Fruited IPA
GREEN: DEYA/ Holy Mountain – Emerald Vision 5.5% Lime Wit
BLUE: LHG/ Alesong – Why I Love The Moon 6.2% Blueberry Gose With Borage Flowers
VIOLET: Unity/ Alvarado Street – Tech-Noir 5.0% Sour Porter
INDIGO: Verdant/ Temescal – Indigo Tie-Dye Wolf T-Shirt 8.8% Strong Stout
7 Way Collaboration (all UK breweries): Colour Vision 7.0% IPA

Size: 8x440ml

ABV: Various

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